23rd International Café Meeting: "Agri'cultural' exchange: how four different cultural perspectives shape their respective and mutual agricultural scene"

International Café Meeting is an event where international students talk about their home countries.
We are going to invite Ms. Nina Barua as a speaker for our 23rd International Café Meeting. Nina-san will talk about her 4 countries: Belgium, India, Iran, and the USA. Students, faculty members, staff members, anyone is welcome! Please see the flyer for the details of the event.

Time & Date: 2 pm – 3:30 pm, Wednesday, July 3rd 2024
Venue: Lounge in the Former Head Office of Forest Research Station

Comment from Nina-san:

Having roots and nationalities dispersed across the globe, I have been able to witness different social, economic, political and cultural scenes. Belgium, India, Iran and the USA could not differ from each other more. Yet there is one thing that connects these countries: food. These countries share some common agricultural history and the exchange of their local products has put forward the art of sharing. During this international café, I would like to introduce you to my countries, their current geosocial scene and how agriculture brings these countries and their people together. Snacks and drinks from these countries will be provided, join us for a moment of sharing!