Visiting Researchers

Administrator: Sakiko Imaeda

List of Visiting Researchers


Visiting Research Scholar (i.e. Visiting Professor, Visiting Associate Professor, Visiting Scholar) This program was established aiming to promote international cooperation with visiting researchers and remarkable results of the cooperative research and education.

Invitation procedures

Visiting researchers in the Graduate School of Agriculture are chosen among the recommended candidates through a careful screening by the faculty meeting
*April 2022 update: New applications are currently not accepted until further notice. If you have any question about the program, please contact us at agri-ies* (please replace “*” with “@”) .

Conditions of employment

Formal name:

Visiting Research Scholar


40 hours of joint research work per week and a special lecture for graduate students of the Graduate School of agriculture
*Researcher may be requested to give a 2-credit or a one-credit lecture course


Those who have the qualification more than an assistant professor

Term of contract:

3 months to 1 year


Must be under 65 years old at the time of employment (if the candidate is over 65 years old, a document to specify reasons must be submitted)

Travel expenses:

Actual round trip air fare limited to the normal economy class fare from your nearest airport to Japanese airport and daily allowance and railway fare for travel in Japan


650,000 yen (professor-status), 550,000 yen (associate professor-status), or 450,000 yen

Commuting expenses:

Paid depending on the distance between campus and the residence

Research expense:

Limited amount per month will be paid

Paid holidays:

Given in proportion to the term of employment