Courses Taught in English

The Laboratory of Comparative Agricultural Science and the International Exchange Section offer lecture courses for international and Japanese students in the Graduate School of Agriculture. “Agriculture and Environment in Japan” is a course given by Japanese teaching staff, and “Special Lecture on Comparative Agricultural Studies” is a course given by visiting researchers.

Courses available in the first semester, AY 2022

●Special Lecture on Comparative Agricultural Studies 9●

“Food, Wine and Politics in the New World and the Old World”
Visiting researcher/Visiting Associate Professor Daniel Monterescu (Central European University)
Lab. of Philosophy of Agricultural Science, Division of Natural Resource Economics

Special Lecture on Comparative Agricultural Studies 10

“Applications of Spectral Sensing to Smart Agriculture”
Visiting researcher/Visiting Professor Suming Chen (National Taiwan University)
Lab. of Bio-sensing Engineering, Division of Environmental Science and Technology