IES reopened on October 12, 2020

October  12th, 2020

International students, foreign researchers, and Japanese students

The International Exchange Section reopened on October 12, 2020 .
Please feel free to drop by if you have any problems with your life in Japan or if you have any questions about Japanese language classes.

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10: 00-16: 00

When using it, please measure your body temperature (please refrain from using it if you have a fever), disinfect your hands with alcohol, wear a mask, and fill in the list of visitors.

* Inquiries by email are welcome at any time.

agri-ies *

When sending an email, please replace “*” with “@”.

* Japanese language classes are held every Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you would like to take this course, go to S414 during the break time of the Japanese language class. You can meet with the teacher. For details, see the Japanese language class page.