Guest Professors in 2010

Dr. Craig Edward Wheelock(Associate Professor)

Nationality:America /アメリカ合衆国
Institute (Position):Karolinska Institute (AssociateProfessor) / カロリンスカ インスティテュート(准教授)
Reception Lab.(Person):Bioregultion Chemistry(Prof. Miyagawa) / 生物調節化学(宮川教授)
Staying period:2010.10.04-2011.01.07

Dr. Halvor Solheim

Nationality:Norway /ノルウェー
Institute (Position):Norwegian University (Professor) / ノルウェー大学(教授)
Reception Lab.(Person):Environmental Mycoscience(Prof.Futai ) / 微生物環境制御学(二井教授)
Staying period:2010.10.01-2011.01.31

Dr. Malcolm Fitz-Earle

Nationality:Canada /カナダ
Institute (Position):Capilano University (Professor) / キャピラノ大学(教授)
Reception Lab.(Person):Comparative Agricultural Studies (Prof.Hirai ) / 比較農業論(平井教授)
Staying period:2010.10.01-2011.3.31

Dr. Roderick Alastair Drew

Nationality:Australia /オーストラリア
Institute (Position): Griffith University (Professor) / グリフィス大学(教授)
Reception Lab.(Person):Pomology(Prof. Yonemori) / 果樹園芸学(米森教授)
Staying period:2010.10.01-2010.12.31

Dr. John Kenneth Schueller

Nationality:America /アメリカ合衆国
Institute (Position):University of Florida (Professor) / フロリダ大学(教授)
Reception Lab.(Person):Agricultural Engineering(Prof. Kondo) / 農産加工学(近藤教授)
Staying period:2010.05.06-2010.8.05

Dr. Supamard Panichsakpatana

Nationality:Thai / タイ
Institute (Position):Kasetsart University (Professor) / カセサート大学(教授)
Reception Lab.(Person):Tropical agriculture(Prof. Nawata) / 熱帯農業生態学(縄田教授)
Staying period:2010.04.01-2010.9.30

Dr. Nathalie Gontard (France)

Nationality:France / フランス
Institute (Position):University of Montpellier Ⅱ (Professor) / モンペリエ第二大学(教授)
Reception Lab.(Person):Food and Environmental Sciences (Prof. Kitabatake) / 食環境学(北畠教授)
Staying period:2010.02.01-2010.8.31

Dr. Stephane Guilbert (France)

Nationality:France / フランス
Institute (Position):Biopolymer science and Process Engineering Montpellier SupAgro (Professor) / モンペリエ農業科学高等教育国際センター(教授)
Reception Lab.(Person):Bioengineering (Prof. Adachi) / 農産製造学(安達教授)
Staying period:2010.02.01-2010.8.31

Dr. Zeng-Yei Hseu (Taiwan)

Nationality:Taiwan/ 台湾
Institute (Position):National Pingtung Taiwan University of Science and Technology(Professor) /台湾国立屏東科技大学(教授)
Reception Lab.(Person):Soil Science (Prof. Funakawa) / 土壌学(舟川教授)
Staying period:2010.02.01-2010.04.30

Dr. Zhengjin Xu(China)

Nationality:China / 中華人民共和国
Institute (Position):Shenyang Agricultural University (Professor) / 瀋陽農業大学(教授)
Reception Lab.(Person):Plant Breeding (Prof. Tanisaka) / 植物育種学(谷坂教授)
Staying period:2009.10.01-2010.03.31

Dr. Meinhard Breiling (Austria)

Nationality:Austria /オーストリア
Institute (Position):Vienna University of Technology ( ) / ウィーン工科大学(景観計画上級講師)
Reception Lab.(Person): (Prof. ) /(教授)
Staying period:2009.10.01-2010.01.31

Lectures in English

Lecture on Comparative Agricultural Studies 5/ 比較農業論得論5

Challenges for the Norwegian forestry by Halvor Solheim (5 times, Oct 15 – Nov 12)
Biotechnology, Biodiversity and Conservation of Tropical Fruit Species by Rod Drew (5 times, Nov 19 – Dec 17) 13:00-14:30 W-302

Month Day
October 15(Fri) 22(Fri) 29(Fri)
November 5(Fri) 12(Fri) 19(Fri) 26(Fri)
December 3((Fri) 10(Fri) 17(Fri)

Lecture on Comparative Agricultural Studies 4 / 比較農業論得論4

Science Writing in English by Malcolm Fitz-Earle 13:00-14:30 W-406

Month Day
October 7(Thu) 14(Thu) 21(Thu) 28(Thu)
November 4(Thu) 11(Thu) 18(Thu) 25(Thu)
December 2(Thu) 9(Thu) 16(Thu)
January 13(Thu) 20(Thu)

Lecture on Comparative Agricultural Studies 1 /比較農業論特論1

Biopolymers and bioplastics by Stephane Guilbert *
Food packaging and safety assessment of food contact materials by Nathalie Gontard**
Schedule :

Month Day
April 12(Mon.)* 19(Mon.)* 26(Mon.)*
May 10(Mon)** 17(Mon)** 31(Mon)**

Time : 13:00~16:00
Place: Bld. of Graduate School of Agriculture W-506
Cotact: International Office in Agriculture / 連絡先:農学研究科 国際交流室 (ext. 6320)

Lecture on Comparative Agricultural Studies 2 /比較農業論特論2

Environmental issues by Supamard Panichsakpatana *
Practical dynamic modeling and control by John Kenneth Schueller**
Schedule :

Month Day
May 6(Thu)* 13(Thu)* 20(Thu)* 27(Thu)*
May 17(Mon)** 19(Wed)** 24(Mon)** 26(Wed)** 31(Mon)**
June 2(Wed)** 7(Mon)** 9(Wed)**

Time : 13:00~14:30
Place: Bld. of Graduate School of Agriculture W-420*
Bld. of Graduate School of Agriculture W-302(Only May 19 – W-420)**
Cotact: International Office in Agriculture / 連絡先:農学研究科 国際交流室 (ext. 6320)

Special Lecture

Structure/transfer/reaction relationships in food/packaging systems:
  integrated approach for active, biodegradable and edible materials design
  with benefit and risks considerations
   by Nathalie Gontard
  ○Bioplastics: Taylor-made protein based functional materials
    by Stephane Guilbert
    May 14(Fri) 14:00~17:00 W-406

  ○Robotic and Precision Agriculture Research for Florida Specialty Crops
    by John Kenneth Schueller
    May 27 (Thu) 15:00~16:30 W-406

  ○Better Bridging Japan and Thailad for Education in the Future
   by Panichsakpatana Supamard
   July 27 (Tue) 11:00~12:00 W-406