チューターの募集について / Recruiting Tutors




*We are currently not recruiting tutors. We will make an announcement when we start accepting applications.

We recruit tutors who can help us organize events such as Mochitsuki Event (Rice-Cake Making).
At Mochitsuki Event, for example, tutors are expected to participate in the day-before preparation, setting up/ cooking/ cleanup on the day, etc.
Both Japanese and international students are eligible for the job. You will also make friends with other tutors.
Job offers will be posted when we advertise our events. If you are interested in working as a tutor, feel free to contact us so that we can let you know when there are job offers.

●Working hours: 3-6 hours (depends on the event)
●Salary: 1,200 yen/h
*When you work as a tutor, make sure to get a permission from your supervisor and check if it doesn’t interfere with your other job (e.g. TA, OA).